Louise Hinkley Devendorf

Reed City, MI

My Wish For You

I wish you diamonds and pearls
And pretty curls
Love in your home
Lots of room to roam
Many friends who hold you very dear
And every day a lot of cheer
A good job with a lot of pay
Prayer in your life every day
A big shiny car with gas in the tank
No debts and lots of money in the bank
Stars to dream on, a wishing well nearby
Pretty satin pillows and a rainbow in the sky
A baby grand piano with pearly keys to play
A golden path that takes you all along the way
Someone special to hold in your heart
Always get an A Plus on your health chart
Soft breezes by a special oak tree
A time to relax and have some tea
I wish you happiness throughout each year
Please know I hold you very dear
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