Lisa Marie Ansell

Dillon, CO, USA

Too Great A Sacrifice

I think of all the changes in life. How it used to be, how it is now, and what it will be like to be a wife. I think of all the hurdles I've had to jump and the many mountains I've had to climb. I see myself sitting on a mountain top with the wind blowing, wondering how different would I be if I could turn back time. Would I really want to change anything from this nursery rhyme? I used to look in the mirror and I'd hate who I'd see. There was always something missing, I was always searching for the other side of me. Over the years, I've found that and for the most part I am happy. Working so hard to find peace, and still strive for that rigorous honesty. The other night I was told, that if you want to get ahead, myself I can not be. Isn't that what all the work is for? Being content with myself to live life on life's terms and accept the many forms of reality? The years of lies, games, deception, and manipulation have all passed and new candles have been lit. I don't want to blow them out and sacrifice those things that seem fit. People may not understand the reasons why at some things, I'll cuss and spit. But I finally have found some value in myself and in my beliefs, and they just have to find acceptance, for the principle of it.
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