Lisa Ducharme

July 7, 1982-Arizona
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I’ll Follow You

If the world decides to go pitch black
I’ll follow you into the dark

We’ll light a torch
Find our own path through the rubble
Through the dismay

The tears will seal the walls of our home
The foundation will come from us
We will be warriors
Who will bleed and destroy
Anything that comes to destruct

So lean in if you must
I’ll carry you when you get tired
I’ll nurture each scrape and bruise
We may not have much
Through and through
You got me

We’ll light up this brilliant black sky
With the stars we collect from each tide
That brings on a beautiful new dawn

You’ll start to see pain start to fade
Then you will be brave

So take my hand if the lights go off
You have nothing to fear but weakness itself
Be the strength

I will follow you into the unknown
As you would follow me
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