Lisa Ducharme

July 7, 1982-Arizona
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Biography of Lisa Ducharme

I have been writing poetry since I was 12. I found it to be a constant soothing release from the angst of my earlier years. I would even stay in at lunch breaks to write. I had my first poem published in a small poetry magazine called Oak Magazine. I was 20 and was taking an art class at the time. I wrote a poem on the back of the art and it got discovered by my teacher. A lady in the class read it and sent it to her friend a publisher. I’ve written hundreds of poems over the years. Poetry is my outlet into myself and my surroundings. Right now I’m in a very loving relationship with my boyfriend whom is a muse for the lighter and happier poems about love. I love animals! I have devoted 20 something years to different animal shelters volunteering primarily with cats. Right now I’m taking a break.