Les Farmer

Maybe That's Not What I Wanted After All!

I want my freedom back,
This can't be right,
I'm a democrat!

I was supportive of human and civil rights,
I always thought that the government would take care of me,
Cradle to grave,
Yes sir re!

Now, as I get older,
I can truly see,
Freedom for some gives us less liberty,
I guess I traded in freedom from decisions,
For government dependency.
As a rule I thought I was getting a deal,
Now they aren't through!

The government controls every phase of my life,
How much get for unemployment,
Food Stamps,
And what I pay in rent.

My solution to this problem
Is as simple as can be,
Do as I did,
But do as I should have done,
Put back into our great land,
Travel, Talk, get out and walk,
Meet your neighbors,
But most of all ask questions,
When it comes to the selection
Of people who represent us,
Don't vote for the promises of an election,
Vote instead for self-development,
Vote to restore or land to the home of the free
Once again.

Free from government,
Free from fear,
Free from big brother's ear,
Because if we don't
It won't be a country anymore,
It would be just one big joke!
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