Leon Thomas Lee

Take A Good Look At Our Home Land

Oh people of America, people of America
Take a good look at our homeland
Do you really understand
Before you finish reading this poem
Do you have a daughter or son
Young people are leaving their home at an early age
Yet, there is a need for someone to be saved
Take a good look at our homeland
Many people are playing in the same band
Along the eastern coast of our nation
What do you see in the making?
Oh America, America, America
Why not be a complete free nation
Do you see this in the making?
For many years our country has been blessed
Now someone inside is making a big mess
Why pick up guns and fight against each other
Why not love as sisters and brothers
Oh something is going wrong today
People are looking the other way
Our POW'S have been freed
Is there another war in the making like most people believe
At Wounded Knee, S.D. our brothers and sisters
Want a little more freedom
Can you see this in the making?
America, America God shared his grace on thee
Yes he shared his grace for you and me
I want you, you and you
To take a good look at our homeland
When you get back will you take a stand?
Maybe you are thinking about playing in the same band
The only thing i ask you and you to do
Love your sisters and brothers
The way God loves me and you
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