Leon Thomas Lee

A Broken Promise

You promised to always love me
You promised me you would always be with me
Now my heart is filled with sadiness
Oh, honey i am filled with pain
I realize your heart is not the same
Now, as i read the letter you left behind
Tell me what happen this time.
No matter what i gave you or how much i loved you
Deep within your heart our love was through
Tell me honey, where did i go wrong?
Why did you leave me all alone?
You promise to always stand beside me
You promised to always comfort me
I am the one who was blind and couldn't see
You promised to stand beside me when things got rough
The only thing you wanted to do
Was fight and fuss
Now as tears flow from my eyes
Why must i cry?
you hurt me many times before
The biggest hurt was when you walked out the door
Why did you make those promises
You knew you couldn't keep
I want you to remember that whatsoever you sow
The same shall you reap

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