Lampetti -
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While skyline is dozing red in Sevilla

Somethin’ very good ‘s happen’

while Azure Cantilena

gingles on my mind – self-curving latitudes

of spritzful euphoria.

Chili in tiny bowls – and then chill out – The Sunset

nice ‘peritifs (‘)n Sevilla

the sun glowmantles shadows

and Orangeful fatebuds

the Spirit of coming times -we’re celebrating (-,-) dancing

in this waning doze skyline

red, - on beach of Paradise.

Brunetto Latini has said: “Never stop to believe".

“Nothing Changes as Human Souls Do”

Ethernally dancing

we’re just imitating the fractalic nature of Creation by let tinkling our empty blossom glasses of white Tequila

: It is a fair enough late 20s rite to donour and honour Life?

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