Kyle McAfee

March 29 - New York
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Push and Pull

Amidst a clear, warm night
I find myself falling into an ocean
Floating and bearing witness to the relationship
Between the Earth and the Moon.

A rivalry, moreover, a friendship, as old as time:
The moon teasing her older sister
Tugging and poking the Earth’s overflowing bodies of water
And the Earth, pulling back, not allowing the Moon to disturb her slumber.

I realize I am caught between the two
Enslaved to the push and pull I float atop of.
The aggressive shove back and forth
Perhaps literally swaying me from side to side.

Just as the Moon and the Earth,
Returning every night to ponder on their own complexities,
There lies other contrasting factors
In the great, divine machinery of life.

Be wary to not get caught between two great forces,
As you are an exceptional force yourself:

Partake in life’s grand moments with a sense of purpose
Though, do stray from the self-righteous goals
That will entrap you in the evermoving contrast
Such as the ocean, at the mercy of the Moon and Earth.
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