Kristin Susan Bethell

Nassau, Bahamas


World peace leaders are gatherings
For peace talks- with all eyes watching Israel
God's Holy land - He waits.
There are countries facing economic collapse
Absolute financial collapse it they don't get help
Because of social and political instability
There are many new deadly and dreaded diseases on the rise-
Killing millions- Wars- wars in individual's hearts
Families warring with each other, between black and white
There is increased prejudice and hatred
Between rich and poor.
Famine, drought, earthquakes becoming more frequent and more severe.
Killer hurricanes like never seen before.
Mass destruction because of flooding, tornados and fires out of control
In the midst of these birthpains in the eye of a hurricane there is peace
Calm and stillness always.
Peace cannot be found in pleasure- seeking in liquor, drugs.
Free sex- immoral relationships, in corruption, in getting power
Or in having a lot of money.
Peace doesn't come from another exotic cruise - wake up.

Real, true, lasting peace- peace of mind, peace of heart
The peace that passeth all understanding
Comes from having a personal relationship
With Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace.
Even in the midst of trouble, sorrow, grief, pain,
Temptations, trails and testing of life
In the midst of turmoil, unrest, chaos, confusion
God- Jehovah Shalom
Gives to us perfect peace- He gives peace to those
Whose minds are stayed on Him.
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