Kristi Day

The Eagles Heart

Tonight the eagle soars above
The stars high in the sky,
She looks about for her lost mate
Overhead I hear her cry.

Lost without him she flies alone
Then lands quietly in her nest,
Her eyes wide open, alert
Tonight there will be no rest.

For predators stalk the earth
Underneath the darkened moon,
Her spirit ever ready
For what could be coming soon.

Alone she waits wings set ready
To take flight and lift her high,
Should she need to make her escape
She'll lift her wings and fly.

Beneath the moon her shadow glides
Seeking out internal peace,
Restless nights spent alone
Waiting for the fears to cease.

Until somewhere far across
The vastness of the night,
Her mate returns to comfort her
And share in the coming light.

No more the winged wanderer
He has settled with her at last,
His need to fly alone
Has finally come to pass.

Together now forever more
They soar the skies as one,
Her time alone has come to end
Their life has just begun.

Their cries up high mingle
And join force with the stars,
They'll forever fly together
No matter where they are.
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