Kristi Day

A Fuzzy Red Ribbon And You

I've decided that all I want this year
When Christmas comes around,
Is something very simple
To keep my feet upon this ground.

It wont cost you money
Or make you search afar,
You won't have to buy a thing
Or reach beyond the stars.

I've come to realize this time
That all I need this year,
Won't cost you a pretty penny
Or anything you might hold dear.

All I really want or need
Is to have you here with me,
Not have you with someone else
Not cast me out into the sea.

I need your love to be here
Along with your heart and soul,
I hope that's not to much to ask for
To have your body whole.

Oh please my love try very had
To make my dream come true,
See, all I really need this year
Is a fuzzy red ribbon and you.
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