Kim Unsong

San Bruno, California, USA

Titanic Saga

Even with God's blessing
Her sinking was unthinkable... Yet, in the middle of an ebony night
On the south sea of Newfoundland
A conspiracy among the Satanic demons and Neptune
Wrought havoc with an ice-berg
Ripping 300 feet along the Titanic's steel belly
Sinking her with 1,500 souls
Down to 13,000 feet of the Arctic floor
Sending its shock waves around the globe It's the size of Titanic
It's the surprise of the world
It's the elegance of the wealthy
It's the arrogance of engineers
It's the charisma of the rich and famous
It's the enigma of Mother Nature
It's the enormity of ding gods
It's the enmity against the tragic fate
That grip our hearts for so long and deep
With the legacy ot Titanic saga
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