Karen Ely Thiele

Chewelah, WA


When you let your heart speak I speak -- Listen!
I am the voice -- the still small voice of your heart... just Listen
I am the voice of one, not two, crying in the wilderness
of your earthbound, entangling, imprisoning thoughts.
I am here now... Listen!

I am come to you --- Listen!
Oh, earth enshrouded voices, earth enshrouded choices
Won't you hear, won't you hear... won't you hear?
Will you Listen... and Listen... then... Listen?

Silence the Gongs of Despair dear heart
Silence the Thoughts of Dismay
Relax the tensions. Relax the brain
The World gone mad and in such disarray
You are still --- I am here --- and you Listen ---

From out the depths of the soul of Me
The power of such silence melts misery
You're dissolved in a New Identity
You have heard -- and you know -- yes, Now you See
You have Listened --- Life is New --- and You are Free!
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