John W. Chance

Texas, USA

The Passage Of Time

Click here to listen to "The passage of Time" Second after second ticks loudly in my ears
has images of
The stripes painted on the highway recede behind me.
This trip through life is sometimes marked
by the passage
Of time intermixed and blurred with many diverse images-
Of family, of school, of work, of marriage, and too often,
The Emptiness of Time, unmarked. Tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick... Sounds the clock that introduces the "Sixty Minutes" television show.
Louder and louder, it seems, the ticking becomes
as my thoughts
Become clearer, more aware of the wasted money
spent on
Recording those empty seconds just to dramatize
that show.
Could it be that seconds that march past in one's
Journey through life are just as costly?
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