Jeanne Louise Morgan

St. Louis, MO, USA

Ode To An Attic

I decided to clean out the attic today;
But how can I throw a box of baby shoes away,
A smiling raggedy Ann, missing a few strands of hair,
Or an old, slightly worn and forlorn teddy bear?
Where do I put a rocking horse, waiting for two little hands,
To pick up his reins and gallop again to wonderland,
Or a rusting locomotive still standing on the track,
Ready to run when the little engineer comes back?
How can I discard these Valentines, they made just for me,
When they were young and tender in childhood's full glory,
Or a tarnished halo and a pair of angel wings,
Worn in so many Christmas nativity scenes?
How can I forget all those golden yesterdays?
How can I throw my heart away?
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