Jane Shewmaker Hale

Buffalo, Missouri

A Teacher's Prayer

A teacher prayed this prayer at the close of Bible School.
"Thank you Lord for using me to be a teaching tool."
Thank you for enduring strength. I've needed it each day.
When faith seem to falter, I had only but to pray.
We've loved these children, Lord, enjoyed each girl and boy.
Forgive us where we failed, Bless us for each joy.
Just one question, Lord, And it's with love I dare
to wonder at my teaching. Do they really care?
Did they listen, Lord, To lessons that I taught?
Will their lives be touched by Scriptures I have brought?
Forgive me Lord for doubting, my words sound so unfair,
But, let me see just one thing to show they really care." This teacher's prayer is echoed in pure hearts everywhere.
Do the children listen? Do they really care?
As the program ended, and older woman came,
touched her on the arm, called her by her name.
"I came to talk to you because I felt God led."
She put the doubts to rest as these words she said.
"God still answers prayers as the years unfurl,
I prayed a prayer like yours, when you were just a girl."
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