James Adams

Petersborough, England, UK

This Country Turned It's Back On Me.

Do you tip the taxi cab.
Do you tip the Pitza boy, who delivers your tea.
Do you tip for the flowers
Delivered form a long lost love.
Or from your date at three.

When you see an ex-soldier
Begging on the street
Do you dip in your purse, to give him a treat.
Or like so many others before.
Do you pass him by, as he sits on the floor.

No Falklands war to fight.
No gulf war, with all it's might.
This country has turned it's back on me.
No home, no food, and no money.

And now I hear in the queen's speech tonight.
That her government will fight with all its might.
To rid the streets of the likes of me.
Who fought so hard for his country.
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