Insiya Patanwala

August 2nd, 2000- Mumbai
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The world is but a crumbling place,
And we say we fear demise,
You poison yourself with each breath,
While you try to stay alive.

When smoke and fire engulf you,
Will you still say it's gentle warmth?
And burn and burn till there's nothing left,
But ashes of a soul?

When you live inside an illusion,
Does reality seem harsh?
To wake up to a different nightmare,
Each day and every hour.

The world is but a crumbling place,
And we pretend to be alive,
And love the things that destroy us,
Till we can only connive.

When avalanches destroy your hopes,
Will you pretend it's winter cold?
And let your heart be frozen
Till you are all alone?

The world is just a broken place,
To only trick and deceive.
And we teach ourselves to stay alive,
But never learn to live.
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