H R Singha

August 9, 2002 - India
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An Elegy Of Life

“Never say you want to die”, “Live on without giving up!”
They say everyone should cherish life like that.

Frankly, we don’t care a bit if we ourselves died
But we’d be pretty sad if the people around us did,
It should be ego somehow, that goes like,
“Because we just wouldn’t like to be sad”

Not caring if strangers are living or not,
And hating someone else merely like some kinds of trends and
But we still say “Let’s live in peace“
How wonderful this world is?

Someone dies on the other side on the screen,
And someone sings for the loss,
And some ran away grabbing a knife influenced by that.

If I killed myself, what would they call me?
Attention seeker? Coward? Ungrateful?
Squeezing out our values and ego,
We easily broadcast songs about killing somebody on radio waves.
We say “we don’t want our life”
As if life is always there.

Since we’ve got no money, we enjoy idle sleeps throughout the day.
Never finding the meaning of our lives,
We still continue to breathe realizing we are nothing
“I feel lonely”, these three words is not expressive enough for this
Carrying nothing but such obstinacy, I sleep all day as ever.

We who were but youths, at some point change to adults.
Growing old, one day we go down like fallen leaves,
Without a soul in the world, knowing our end
Obtaining an immortal body,
And living our whole existence without dying
We daydream about science fictions like that.

We don’t care a bit if we died,
But still, we want others to live.
They might say it is wrong
To live with such contradictions

“Things that are ‘correct’ should stay ‘correct’”.
‘If you don’t want to die, then live”
If you’re going to be sad and if that’s fine,
Then you got to laugh in solitude forever.

Never understanding what “happiness” is,
We just hate the life we are given,
And curse the pasts we had.
We are hated by life itself
Simple cherishing the idea of the word “Goodbye”,
Without knowledge of what true farewell is.

Happiness, Farewell, Affection and friendship they’re all illusions
We might just die by tomorrow you know,
Everything might just end up being nothing.
Mornings and night, springs and autumns
Unchanging, someone dies somewhere.

I don’t need dreams or even a tomorrow,
As long as you are still here, that’s all we need.
Yeah, that’s actually what I want to say bout.

Hated by life itself
In the end, we’ll die anyway.
U will, I will, one day all of us will rot away like fallen leaves.
But regardless, we live on frantically,
Shouldering our lives frantically,
We live loving, laughing, struggling
Shouldering it all, Life hates us.
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