Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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The Epitome of Perfection

It was an afternoon super cosy, the birds of the air
Seemed to be on holiday;
Heartbroken, I sauntered hither and thither, soliloquising and lo a wingless angel breezed in;
Her dress billowed in the breeze like a tattered kite,
And her nicely-sited breasts smiled at me, dangling and dangling.
Oh, I wished I could control my eyes! I so wished I could get my eyes of that jewel of inestimable value--indeed she's the world's epitome of beauty, pulchritudinous in all fa├žades.
Indeed, she's the epitome of perfection, the silky gazelle of the esteemed Paradise, for every so often she blazes radiance on me in a blissful beam!
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