Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Our Land

Our land is a habitat where the guerrillas
Drink human blood; feeding on the flesh
Of humans; for it is a bloodbath zone
Where gun wounds and massacre have
Become the order of the day.
Our land is in tears; moaning every so often,
The trees and waters bleed due to pains and injuries,
The crocodiles prey on human flesh while the vampires
Roam the street at night drinking human blood
Like the Dracula, so bloodthirsty!
Now and then I sit here leg-cribbed
Swimming in blood, for even the backbone
Of my family has passed on; a bucketful of
Tears I have here and there, for my acreage
Is a bloodthirsty beast.
I trust and hope that all will be fine
But the victims of the Dracula rise;
Increasing in magnitude,
I thought, on my own, I’d be a revolutionary
But here I am manacled to my divan.
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