Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Mama's Son

'I'll be back soonest', he said to mama blithely,
Nescient of the state's cannibalistic hostility.
How can mama take this inhumanity likely?
Tear-drops every day, thanks to brutality.

Bloodthirsty men-in-black, liveried omnipresent
Ambassadors of anarchy, never at all decent.
Haranguers of licitness, promoters of inequity,
Vampires they are,for they are an insignia of nonentity.

Sashaying like the lion with the diadem,
Mama's son finally runs into them.
Super sure of safety, he did nothing to evade.
Need I, at this juncture, call a spade, a spade?

'Stop there!' Yelped a liveried man with a voice
So froggy, if not toady. Had he any choice?
'Where are you headed?' Asked the froggy voice.
'I'm off to the mart' , he answered with a soft voice.
'Shut up, you felon, you're no doubt a suspect'
'But', he answered, 'Officer I deserve some respect'.
Did he even deserve such humiliation?

Ten minutes gone and still counting,
Mama's son had been maligned and battered.
Assailed a thousand times, ah, what a beating!
What a jungle, where nothing isn't scattered,
A land where dreams are ginormously shattered.

Mama's son wept and wept, calling on mama,
'Officer, please, don't kill me for my mama'.
Mama had two years ago lost his papa,
In a four-wheel boom, what a matter!
Her son was loved my all in the municipality
But the liveried flogged away his identity'.

'No, no...mama, where are you?' He asked
Lying in a pool of blood, like a goat axed.
'I can't move! I can't even hear myself'.
'Oh, mother Africa, I feel the death of self'.
Mama's son wrestled with death now and then
But death's hands were as sturdy as a lion's den.
Death eventually won, with uncelebrated joy
On the part of the liveried who had the ploy.

News travelled as fast as an airplane,
Taking mama through some memory lane.
Tears everywhere, up and later down,
Coercing all and sundry in the town
To sing elegies and dirgies ceaselessly.
'Why did they kill my son mercilessly?'
Mama asked forlornly.
'These vampires do not deserve to live
Among us, never! But I'll always believe
Police Brutality is a screwed up omen
That must be jettisoned, Amen'
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