Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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I am not a Lazy Youth!

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You said - Thank you very much, Edward! I'm glad you like it! What did you think? Please Critique my poem if you want!
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I am not a Lazy Youth
A posse of fallacy-inventors they are;
Making sugar-coated promises;
They are but tricksters and swindlers—political crooks!

We are governed by scoundrels and crooks,
A cabal of karkistocrats –visionless and aimless
Autocrats who smirk at the travail of the masses.
Our leaders get richer and richer
While we, the masses, get poorer and poorer,
Yet they harangue democracy—what a fiendish sham!

The ‘number one man’ is a visionless and directionless ‘gerontocrat’
Manacled with the fetter of languor; without economy-boosting policies.
In his reign I see the nation higgledy-piggledy, pregnant with poverty
And death-wish; a nation where the rulers are but ambassadors of poverty,
Impregnating their pockets and bank accounts, home and abroad,
Not caring about the nation’s wellbeing!

The youths are mere political mercenaries, used and dumped
Like rags by the pot-bellied and rat-nosed politicians, the advocates
Of bloodbath and belligerency.
The four-year-old government is but an embodiment of sleep-talkers
And sleep-readers; unschooled grandpas and grandmas, with a few uncertified—
They are pilferers and buffoons, who aim at nothing but moving the country to the apogee
Of corruption; what a nation!
The youths hustle and bustle all day without the help of the
‘Political trinity’; working their lives out to make ends meet,
Yet they have been made objects of global ridicule by the ‘Number
One Man’, regarded as lazy, ignorant and uneducated.
Are the youths really recognized? Are the leaders of tomorrow
Really catered for?

I am a youth, dexterous and industrious; albeit now I'm irked,
For my government sees me as a nonentity. I voted for change and betterment
Yet all I get is ‘NOTHING’; economic backwardism being the only national ornament.
Ah! The anus of the sleeping cobra has been fingered; the sleeping dog has been awakened!
Should I be politically apathetic? Should I revolt?
Mr. ‘Number One Man’, just so you know, I am not a lazy youth!
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