Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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A Disheartened Community

We are a disheartened community
Renowned for futility and dearth,
Where egalitarianism is but a fiction.
Our dreams are petered out;
Our future jettisoned, for what
Is our future in a stateless state?

Our government is but an embodiment
Of corruption; a cabal of swindlers,
Who get richer and richer, while
The masses get poorer and poorer.
Who are the masses in the eyes of the

Our leaders are the ambassadors of
Poverty, hardhearted and evil-intentioned,
Transfiguring our youths into slayers of
Opponents; murderers they are, murderers!
A once-peaceful community has now transmuted
Into an abysmal terror-zone.

I pray for my community, I pray infinitely
Trusting I’d be a revolutionary. But this is
Just too much for me. A change-maker I
Want to be like Martin Luther King; I wish
I were the Moses of our time to free my
My people from the callous Pharao
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