Grace Hough

Student, UK
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Cry me a river

Cry me a river
and a lake
I've been hoping for you
to feel my mistake
the liquid is deep red
from fresh lines it bled
the skin that's open stings
as I sit here waiting for your ring.

Cry me a river
and a flood
fill it with your heart, soul and blood
feel my love split into two
watch it fall like an angel
straight out of your view
feel the smoke from my lips
the flame which burnt out -
when you quit.

Cry me a river
and a pool
fill it with the heartache
the pain you pulled
choke on your words
as I purge my fuel
don't kiss me again
with that toxic drool.

Cry me a river
and a deep blue sea
I hope you never share the same intimacy
the kisses, hugs, time,
the singing, car rides, sex
the memories we made
you knew I couldn't forget.

Cry me a river
and a puddle,
I gave you love
but you didn't care
you only wanted the body
not the person there
when I gave you head
you wanted me more
you said it wouldn't hurt,
you said I wouldn't be hurt,
you said.

Cry me a river
and a tear
you told me we were a secret
'exclusive' at best
those words forbade me to share
they can't know, you said
as you treated me like a doll
an ornament on your shelf
as you lied to my face
words of shame.

I cried you a river
so many tears
but you never knew
the love I spared.

Cry me a river
and a waterfall,
you saw me so bare
a blank canvas
all my flaws in open air,
you took advantage
dismantled my security
you took me apart
dissected my organs
you left me alone
tied to the surgery table
a breathless figure
aching for validation,

Cry me a river,
as long as it can be
don't take me there again
or act similarly,
a struggle between co-workers
a mangled romance
a lost time
that made me numb,
I cried so much
I can't accept touch
and nobody knew about the rivers I cried,
just for you.
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