Gladys I. Swanson

Richfield, Minnesota

Minnesota Woodlands

The Minnesota Woodlands are sounding out]
Tranquil creeks and questions have perfect features
Then when you are listening very intensely
You can hear sounds of woodland creatures.

The crispness of leaves crunch beneath feet.
The fresh air has the birds winging.
This keeps one alert and with interest
Hearing the woodlands alive with their singing.

The smell of fresh pine is in the air
And a blue cloudless sky peaks above.
When walking to the banks of a flowing creek
With Minnesota Woodlands, it's a case of love.

Fishing is a great relaxing sport
All you need is a rod and reel.
In the case of clear creek fishing
You can bring home enough fish for a hearty meal.

I love Minnesota Woodland's freshness
Away from the City's busy flare.
It means I have found a special calming peace
Because I have adventured there.
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