Georgia Rose Mclane Colli

Jersey City, New Jersey

John F. Kennedy

When you were just three years you were so brave
A little soldier saluting his daddy's grave
We watched you grow the cutest little boy
You gave us so many memories and so much joy Then as life would have it I looked and you had grown up
A wonderful young man fulfilling life's uncertain cup
The things you went thru I don't think I could of done
But you all kept God in the forefront the battle is won Yes when you married Carolyn it broke our heart
To lose that cute little boy who was so sweet and smart
Carolyn was the mate God meant for you to have you see
And so He took you both together with love into eternity We were blessed to watch you grow from childhood to man
And the memories of you both will last all thru this land
You fulfilled what God had planned for you now it's time to go
And so your star is shinning bright in the sky I know You left us a lesson a lesson of faith hope and trust
And yes that all things belong to God including us
Sleep on John and Carolyn take your heavenly rest
We in this country loved you so but our God loved you best.
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