george gurney

Battle Creek, Iowa, USA

Power Of Prayer

How often do you take time out to say a prayer to Him,
To ask God to forgive you for your every sin. How often have you ask Him to show you the correct way?
To be with you as you travel through life day by day. It took a crisis in my life to convince me to pray,
Cancer was the culprit that convinced me to do it everyday. When I got the bad news something in me seemed to say,
Don't fear, my son, I'll be with you every step of the way. It took me some time but I believe God was really there,
When my visitors came to visit I'd even ask them for a prayer. After brain surgery my doctor said "about six months I fear,"
With Gods help and every prayer its now been over five years. Now I am a firm believer that God does listen to what you say,
So whenever you feel the need, get down and pray away. When you have prayed for everything you think you ought,
Pray the "Lords Prayer" like you have been taught!!
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