Gary Bitson

Baldwin, Michigan, USA

A Young Knight's Day

In fear I stood at school one day, upon wrong end of hallowed hall;
My kindergarten butt was lost; I did not know my way at all!
When suddenly, before my eyes, as a dragon awoke from den,
A fourth-grade teacher roared at me, telescopic eyes to rend!
With groping fingers, lunging out; grasped my hand while saying, "Come!"
Oh, gallant knight! What dreadful day!
I fought yon dragon, and bit her thumb!
A cursed, "ouch!" the great monster did peal,
Hauling me toward the principal's Lair;
I had to flee this serpent's grasp! But run? I asked myself,
"To where?"
I struggled with the foe until, "Egad!" 'Twas my kindergarten room!
Emerging from thy fort of refuge - charged my Warrior Princess, fair!
Upon this vision of rescue, my heart lost all despair;
As fate would have it - to my credit - a wielding truth revealed:
My fair teacher, alas! to be: the dreaded Principal, too!
Upon this final, fateful blow - set free to join my class;
I thanked my God! so ever true! Thy beast - at last! - was slew!
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