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Forgive Me

It's so much easier to pretend it isn't true
There's no way I could do that
I don't have that sort of desire
But as much as it hurts me I can't imagine how it hurts you

The evil inside of me was great even then
You'd think I was too young
I couldn't think that
But it's awful and I'm hardly taking it in

I was the oldest and it's all my fault
How was I so awful and yet so dumb
I've got no lesson in the mess
Except that everyone can sin
Even me

If I blame it on my parents it'd make more sense to me
But nothing makes sense that's clearly so mean
I guess obsessions aren't logical...
I want some forgiveness and peace

Flashbacks, you're so innocent
I'm so little and but you're even younger
How could I be so mean
Please forgive me

I guess everyone can sin
Even me.
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