Falling Awake

1991- USA
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Rising In Love

Waves seep over sand,
The Sun crests,
We’re hand in hand.

Daybreak’s unfolding,
To a shared beholding,
Our minds are molding…
I can feel us growing–together.

We converge concurrently,
You mirror me back to me,
I now see, that our energy,
Is feeding off each other…

What was once was I, only–
Then, so proud to be lonely–
Is now us in sync, I rethink,
My innate pull to isolation…

With consideration, I recognize,
That the rise reflected in your eyes,
Tightens my transcendental ties,
To the source and all that may comprise.

As you pulse through my soul,
I see I’m Part of the whole,
And each second has played a role,
To amount to this singular moment…

The two of us aligned in divine time,
I sense my inner Peace as a sign,
That your company completes mine,
I feel I belong, here is meant for me....

I’ve found this new memory
With you–pure serenity–
And it beats every,
Single sunrise alone.
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