Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago


I was a busy and active person, who loved to savor life.
I was also amiable and friendly, avoiding excess strife.

Like the glad golden sun, ever beaming blissful radiance,
Indeed drawing all others, with its cheerful brilliance.

My eager interests were many, as numerous as my friends,
As stars cluster together, in the night that never ends!

My loves were passionate ones, in the way of deeper joys,
Like sweet passion for singing, in a truly exceptional voice!

To me time was precious, and I was always in the moment,
So to prevent my looking back, wondering where they went.

Like the radiant blossoms, soaking up sun while they can,
In one season of forever, the resplendent floral lifespan!

My job as an art appraiser, was interesting fun and fruitful,
For I adored examining artworks, and uncovering rare jewels.

My life had lots of sparkle, as stars afar forever twinkling.
When true to who you are, deep joys are often lingering!

I was fascinated by colors, for they made up masterpieces,
Like the wonder of rainbows, created by a sun's caprices.

One day I returned home, after studying a gorgeous work,
As moon ponders nighttime, peering deeply into the murk.

As I made my way home, I savored views of the Milky Way;
And also the view of ruby-red Mars, most welcome any day!

When later I'd gone to bed, midnight clasped me in dreams,
In which I sang golden sunshine, and danced in moonbeams.

I awoke to the dawn refreshed, and sensed all was not right;
But in an exceptional fashion, because I was loving the sight!

An enhanced intensity of colors, enriched all that I now saw,
From deeper hues in my room, to a peach tinged sun of awe!

Everything about my home, was lovelier than I remembered,
As pastel shades at every sunset, have suddenly surrendered.

I had to see the out of doors, and my curiosity could not wait,
As hands hasten around gilt clock, that all may know of fate.

Outside the sun shone reddish, swirled with magenta and gold,
With clouds of lemon, much bluer skies, and all colors so bold!

Foliage upon trees and bushes, were now of the darkest green,
And matching grass all over, our newly garbed beauty queen!

Robust limbs twigs and trunks, were of a luxurious chocolate,
And the shades of all the blooms, were richer and richest yet.

Houses and fences birds and mountains, held a new vibrancy,
Deep hues echoing a distant past, when nature was in infancy.

I was in a world of sumptuous hues, I was in the land of Very,
Like the striking contrast you get, amidst the coral and cherry!

I was caught up in intensity, of summer's fervent sunshine days,
For subtle magic had found me, in the realm of dark blue jays.

I roamed all day marveling, at the once familiar now so new,
Then maroonbird sang in the sunset, the skies no longer blue.

Livid skies were now a mixture, of every hue's richest shade,
All swirled together so exquisitely, amid nightingale serenade!

At last I opened my eyes, and found it'd been a sweet dream,
And hues were normal now, with gold sun and clouds of cream.

Then I realized the dream colors, were ones I'd always known,
But rearranged in a dream world, so the dream had not flown!
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