Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Year 6555

We're now in the year 6555, and I am feeling happy and so alive,
Above, sunshine pours like honey, as along the oceanside I drive.

Wind whips my hair around, beneath skies a deep sparkling blue,
Like the confusion all around, when colorful swarms pass through.

Amidst the glorious scenery, sea planes touch down and take off,
Like those beautiful scenes created, when sun and moon faceoff!

Scarlet, plum and saffron blooms, dance up and down this coast,
In the lovely surrender to breezes, in routine summertime boast.

The sole two suns rose some time ago, in orange and red delight,
Like the delight of the weary flock, when the end looms in sight.

We have dwelt on this ringed planet, for the last thousand years,
After arriving from a lovely blue planet, and conquering our fears.

This world is very beautiful too, with its hills, seas and mountains;
And we've left an indelible mark, in structures, parks and fountains.

We live in the land of violet dawns, and of wild varicolored sunsets,
Just as an artist employs all colors, to create beauty none forgets.

Strange birdsong welcomes sunshine in, and a day that is longer,
Than those we knew lifetimes ago, when the dream was younger.

Minty waves pound a mightier roar, than those of the earth before,
For the oceans are much larger here, and the subject of folklore!

Our houses are fully automated, and our robots do all of the work,
As sun takes its routine holiday, while leaving the skies splattered.

Sickness has become a rarity, for there is medicine for prevention,
Like the hued mists that scatter, at hot, rosy sunshine's mention.

And when balmy rains are falling down, in radiant drops of green,
They nourish the purple verdure, as they create the lovely scenes.

I've finally reached my destination, a massive museum of history,
With artifacts from this world and the last, for time flies so swiftly!

I view depictions of the big bang, that created stars like magnets,
And also innumerable planets, their diversity running the gamut.

In another wing are dinosaur skeletons, from a world of long ago,
Striking and notably huge, like tall trees throwing long shadows.

Then I gaze at the artifacts from Africa, olden cradle of civilization,
Like a speeding train from the past, arriving at the future station!

Agriculture and industrialization, and medical advancements too,
Art, music, sciences and space travel, the past plays peek-a-boo.

In the fateful year of 5142, we began exploring this far off galaxy,
Seeking a habitable planet, as the masses seek church on Sundays.

And several hundred years later, we selected this planet, Alymtris,
Uninhabited and warm, and just waiting for the hordes and roses.

I tour this wonderful museum, 'til the flaming suns are going down,
And the stars and thirteen moons, fill a night with beauty crowned!

Leaving a loved planet behind, taking technology and hope with us,
Along with ages of knowledge, we found another quite as precious.

We were always wanderers, like the suns, the moons and the stars,
Ever looking back as we go forward, on gilt cherished love memoirs!
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