Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Color of Laughter

I was in a love affair with art, which had lasted for most of my life,
As beauty graces bush tree and field, whenever hued blossoms are rife.

I started painting at a young age, and had actually sold quite a few,
And had held an exhibition, like the plum sunsets sometimes we knew!

While many considered me a success, something vital was yet lacking,
As a quest for sunshine gold, unerringly sends chill winter packing.

Being something of a perfectionist, I wanted my works to look alive,
In the way the world looks alive, in still rosy mornings after five!

But of late I had been unhappy, like a willow drooping to the ground.
From my art a vital thing was missing, which had not yet been found.

I wished to portray deep emotions, which I could not seem to capture.
How must I convey love or trust, and what was the color of laughter?

Although my mind knew what I wanted, my fervent hands could not obey,
As the obedient sun goes away, whenever milky stars come out to play.

My active social life kept me busy, while I painted almost every day,
As ruby butterflies pursue dreams of nectar, before time slips away!

But my desire to depict human expressions, was somehow always escaping,
Like the desire for golden noontide, when twilight shadows are draping.

Then came the memorable afternoon, that of the vibrant double rainbow,
Which caused my delighted laughter, like experiencing a double shadow!

After that life took a detour, along blooming pathways of deep strange.
That is when color took on new meaning, as their behaviors rearranged.

It began that same eventful day, when I saw laughing children playing,
And I stopped and stared in awe, at the orange mist they were conveying!

The happy deep orange of fervent sunshine, streamed from their mouths,
In the same way that mellow winds, are forever streaming from the south.

Straightaway I perceived that this magic, could only be observed by me,
As hummingbirds and butterflies, are privy to the spell of a tulip tree.

I left that scene in a happy daze, at the wonder and beauty of it all.
Then I saw a man chuckling-the sparkling purple of night soon to fall!

I was ecstatic with these visions, and resolved to simply enjoy them,
For as long as they should persist, as rainbows, gone on sudden whim.

Some time later, red plum twilight, shadowed all my moonlit walk home.
I looked forward to dinner and sweet dreams, when stars began to roam.

In the vibrant days that followed, I gladly observed additional wonder,
As the departing sun leaves his mark on the sky, a masterwork to ponder!

At an event one day I saw the laughter, of a highly amused large crowd,
And from their mouths poured many colors, pulsing, psychedelic and loud.

Then I saw a hyena laughing, early one evening while I watched a movie;
And its laughter was dusty yellow, as dawn when night's becoming memory.

Not long after I found that giggles, were pink effervescent and bubbly,
No indicator of milder amusement, but sure sign of being amused doubly!

I also saw the wildest hilarity, in its zigzagging lines of bold colors,
As the arching lines of fleeting rainbows, are among our natural wonders.

I noticed that the mildest mirth, had a cream color and was rather still,
Like the loveliest time of the evening, when the full moon is on the hill.

Belly laughs were tangerine chocolatey, like a brand new sort of dessert,
Like staunch workers, on mornings young, are nonetheless eager and alert!

And to my vague surprise I found out, that satire had ever been baby blue,
Like traveling for one thousand miles, to find the one you already knew.

After these events my painting improved, and the magic colors faded away,
For I was inspired to paint what I felt, as opening buds paint a new day.

My experiences gave a brand new meaning, to the phrase, in living color,
In this world so filled with hidden beauties, and quite unlike any other!
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