Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Birdland Opera

All my life I had loved music, and rapturous harmonies thrilled my soul,
As the sound of a wild driving beat, causes eager feet to take control.

As a longtime concert pianist, I'd been fortunate to follow my passion,
Like the flower dance of pure sunshine, that never goes out of fashion!

I not only played at performances, but I frequently played just for fun,
As the brilliant rainbow laughs at the storm, just as he's come undone.

My heart was in beautiful music, and the beautiful music was in my heart,
Like the two who have become wedded, with promises they will never part!

Family and friends loved to hear me play, which I did for them ofttimes,
As the sheer joys of a single afternoon, could be spread over lifetimes.

I had traveled all over the world, and played in many cities and towns,
Just as the dutiful midnight watchman, is listening for unusual sounds!

One sun kissed Saturday I packed a lunch, and left for a secluded beach,
For when the summertime gets too hot, cool waters are forever in reach.

I swam and I read and then had lunch, as a youthful afternoon was born,
Like the momentous golden hour, that magenta butterflies become airborne!

In summer heat my eyelids grew heavy, as birds sang in bordering trees,
Like night falls in heavy velvetiness, bringing cherry sun to his knees.

My slumber was gentle and dreamless, as the sound of the waves rocked me,
And I awoke refreshed and happy, for random sea spray had cooled my body.

When I roused at last, I noticed green trees, at the small beach's edge,
And I saw bright orange birds singing, on a low branch, by a tall hedge.

A male bird sang to his ladylove, although she did not appear interested,
So the male ceased his diligent singing, and preened his feathers instead!

At this point I could not look away, for the love scene had intrigued me,
Like being hypnotized by creamy butterflies, in summer's fields of glory.

The male bird resumed his singing, hopping and preening between the notes,
And golden sunbeams cascaded, amidst gentle waves and sound of speedboats.

The female looked more interested, although trying to appear unaffected,
Like dying winter when losing its cool, tries doggedly to seem collected!

Then suddenly from stage left, another orange male flitted onto the scene,
And began enacting his own courtship, rivalling stars of the movie screen!

His soliloquy of song was so lovely, that I sat there rapt and delighted,
And the female's demeanor was cool, so none could tell what she'd decided.

Suddenly the first male attacked, in an orange blaze of beak and feathers,
Sort of like the views you'd get, in an abrupt change to stormy weather!

The second male flew rapidly away, in a flurry of wounded dignity and pride,
Like fireflies when noonday sun is out, necessitating a cool place to hide.

After the unglamorous exit at stage right, the suave courtship was resumed,
And the female was finally responding, to the virtuoso singer richly plumed!

Soon it was obvious they were a pair, and a burnished day was growing old,
Night's curtains soon would be falling, like shooting stars, uncontrolled.

Between that day's pink sunrise east, to its vibrantly orange sunset west,
I discovered sometimes love is only returned, after being put to the test!
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