Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Sunshine Visited Me

Of all of the beautiful seasons, I like summertime the best.
As with blooms, greenery, and bird talk, it is richly blest.

When comes dazzlingly warm weather, life moves out of doors,
For the gardens we vacated in winter, are blooming as before.

Days are long and beautiful, and the nights sultry and black;
Like a being lost in the desert, looking to find a way back!

And the joys of living are multiplied, in so many little ways,
Like vivid blooms on Meadow Lane, gladdening all of our days.

I was allowed to work remotely, so I had a cozy home office,
Where I worked at my own pace, often to the bluejays' chorus.

On weekends I relaxed at home, and sometimes I did the town,
As night blooms unfurl their petals, when no one is around!

One Saturday in my window seat, as I savored the balmy breeze,
The sunshine appeared to be everywhere, even in emerald trees.

The afternoon was memorably gorgeous, all gilded by the sun,
And I was nearly dozing, when I thought I had heard someone.

I looked all about my sunny room, but nary a soul was there,
Like the smoke from fall campfires, being lost in scented air.

But the voice came yet again, from out of nowhere as it seemed,
And when it asked me how I was, it made me wonder if I dreamed!

He said he was the sun, though he's been called by many names;
And said he warmed the earth daily, before going down in flames.

Aware of my unerring devotion, he thought it was time we met,
Like two perfectly matched performers, singing their love duet!

I found myself all in awe, for I never expected this to happen,
As a noon which blazes radiance, never expects night to blacken.

But my deep shock receded, as a naturally keen interest arose,
Like trailing limpid moon all night, to see just where she goes!

So I engaged in quite the most, interesting conversation ever,
As pink butterflies chat with blooms, on their latest endeavor.

We spoke of dawn, midday and shadows, and hues of passing time;
And overseeing rhythms of nature, throughout golden lifetimes!

And of varicolored seasons, filled with wonder and such beauty;
And springtime's rampant green, and autumn orchards very fruity.

And of dawn's rising eagerness, and evening's burgundy defeat;
And noontide's feverish blaze of triumph, in the haze of heat!

And constantly driving people to drink, just to keep it cool;
And an endless rivalry with nighttime, both hopeless and cruel!

And of the ancient early days, when all was predominantly wild,
Comparable to my own younger days, when I was merely a child.

And of whole lifetimes gone by, in hardly the blink of an eye,
Like the rapid and fleeting existence, of the emergent mayfly.

And of a parenting pride, and a long adoration of the flowers,
And of being the sole benefactor, of the honeyed summer hours!

Of fall anguish and winter infamy, and failure to hit the mark,
Much like numberless rainy days, that try to put out the spark.

And of wan moonlight and starlight, and how they're just a dream,
Dreamt only at dusk and dawn, and of rainbows and clouds of cream.

And of multitudinous living creatures, on the land sea or in air,
Traversing earth in all directions, greeting sun rays everywhere!

The sun had now grown cherry red, and it was time to say goodbye,
So I bid farewell to my cherished friend, before he left the sky!
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