Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Red on the Sun

Late in the day, there was red on the sun,
Shadows falling darkly, all over the world.
The fragrant evening breezes wandered afar;
And blooms swayed, awash in the tinted glow,
Of the deep golden sun, very tinged in red.
Clouds drifted away, bearing the joy of color;
And trees stood still as sentries of the night.
Cardinal sang a tune, And rubies flashed fire!
The evening was warm, and redness chased day;
And blue skies then, but memory of a morning.
The fireflies were wandering, red on the rose;
And radiance of moonlight, arrived quite soon.
Mars was at the horizon, a scarlet sun shining.
The clock was slowly ticking, beauty abounding!
Such music on the wind, and rapture in the trees-
The world was at the sunset, awaiting blackness!
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