Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Moon of My Dreams

We all have our hopes, and I certainly did have mine,
I was longing for the love, of someone I thought divine.

Whenever he walked by, it seemed for me time stood still,
And I grew as speechless, as dark night when it's tranquil.

But he was not even aware of it, and then how could he be,
When we had never once met, and he was not conscious of me?

One lovely summer evening, when all of the stars were out,
I was enjoying the warm evening air, and just walking about.

I strolled to the nearby park, and upon a bench I sat down,
In the silvery moonlight, with such fragrance all around!

I just sat in the summertime, savoring the night's breeze,
When all at once I saw a sight, which caused me to freeze.

The moon began to glimmer, and then glitter like diamonds,
On an evening as beautiful, as the remote tropical islands!

It was all very delighting, but I hardly knew what to think,
But when cool fountain pours, you just simply take a drink.

The silver moon returned to normal, as indeed I too soon did,
Until fatigue bid me to go home, as the magic hours had ended.

In the golden days that ensued, my deepest wish did come true,
With the one that I adored, now pursuing me out of the blue!

And I had a vague suspicion, that I could scarcely credit,
That full moon had granted my wish, for it knew my secret.

Two years later I wondered, if he'd ever pop the question,
Like the stars gleaming endlessly, until sunrise rebellion!

Then one night I awakened, because I felt slightly chill,
And after I had shut the window, I watched moonlight spill.

But the quality of moonlight, soon changed to rainbow colors
Glittering all over my walls, and upon the window's shutters.

When I had grown accustomed to, this lovely strange surprise,
I drifted back off to sleep, with bright stars in my eyes.

The very next time I saw him, he went down upon one knee,
Gazed deeply into my eyes, and asked me if he could marry me!

Quite naturally I said yes, and we couldn't marry too soon,
And it seemed there was rapport, between me and midnight moon!

Like the lovely rapport you find, in the fields of wildflowers,
So diverse they are in colors, but harmonize through the hours.

I was awfully happy, until I was interviewed for my dream job,
A once in a lifetime chance, but a letdown soon made me sob.

Like the letdown of the rain, when the skies have had enough,
And thunder trumpets its heartbreak, when the going gets rough!

Quite early the next morning, I saw the tardy moon at dawn,
Sparkling on the diamond dewdrops, scattered across the lawn.

"There's hope in a brand new day," I uttered with a brave smile,
So I sought to do my level best, to make each moment worthwhile.

But it was later that morning, I received an unexpected call,
It was yesterday's interviewer, saying I was hired after all!

The person they had selected, had just received a better offer,
And as the full moon had promised, my world was full of colors!

Like the peacock that struts, displaying his glorious plumage,
Or a sage rooster at dawn, heralding the end of night's outage.

Then came the hectic days, when I dreamed of an exotic vacation,
On a sun warmed sandy beach, in a beautiful tropical location.

But too absorbed at work, in a project needing my attention,
I could not get away, for there was too little time to mention.

Although I dearly loved my job, life holds work but also rest,
And I often found my mind drifting, to where exotic birds nest!

Then one night as I lay sleeping, I again saw glittering moon,
And it put on one fantastic show, on a lovely night in June!

The sparkling awakened me, and as I blinked stars from my eyes,
I thought I saw glimpses of a future, which did occur after sunrise.

Indeed I was granted that wish, along with a multitude of others,
Like a wishing well which loses track, of the endless numbers!

I value Moon for glimmering beauty, and for all her gifts to me,
And for always searching me out, wherever she happens to be.

She is a loved forever friend, of the sable nights so tranquil,
As the nightingale trills on Blossom Hill, she follows me still...
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