Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Losses and Gains

I was a perky lost and found coordinator, reuniting people with possessions,
As pink-orange, diamond sunset rejoins us, reminiscing sunrise impressions.

I liked blithe smiles of pleasure and relief, at reclaiming what was once lost,
Like pearl, exciting moonlight, in demand, must keep returning at any cost.

Because I hated losing loved objects myself, I took my work very seriously,
As rich, emerald nature, hating loss, clings to vivid colors, quite deliriously.

I had lost cherished items such as lockets, along with irreplaceable photos,
As redbird may rise once, and never again, to make scenes at our windows.

Yet, I was lucky to have dear friends, fond relationships, which I treasured,
Like dark balmy nights, frosted with stars, flush in fragrancies unmeasured.

My happy family lived in the same quaint town, and I got to see them often,
As nature's hues repeat so often, that you can't wonder where they've been.

I lived in the house of fragrant shadows, underneath exotic, blooming trees,
Where wild birds sang with vague wind, and scarlet butterflies toured daisies.

Neighbors often stopped at the picket fence, to talk of life and the weather,
Like the musical rapport that sometimes occurs, between birds of a feather.

Summer was gold and red, with accompanying buzz, until soon raven night,
Throughout mystical, birdsong rhapsodies, and gilt, yellow butterfly delight.

Pink petaled, daisies were waltzing, every time a tangy breeze would tease,
As purple mist, though beautiful, to the weary traveler might cause unease.

One day the unthinkable happened, when I lost my most prized possession!
How ironic it should happen to me, who ought to have used better discretion.

I searched the entire house several times, as sun probing obscure shadows;
But I could not find my gold and ruby pendant, fate's hurtful, barbed arrows!

It was really old and cherished fine jewelry, given by one whom I held dear,
From another time and place in my life, and had become a heart's souvenir.

I was sad to have lost my golden necklace, 'til it turned up like a rising sun,
Yet full of crimson fire and sparkle, in one spot I'd overlooked, the only one!

I realized that sweet life is like this, each with much loss and thrilling gains,
Like vast destruction and purple blossoms, following times of heaviest rains.

So, when we lose, we must let go and move on, and treasure life's rewards,
Like pink butterflies against crimson sunset, and mauve joys sunrise affords!
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