Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Living Dolls

I was a successful, fancy dollmaker, but that had not always been the case,
Such as a case for blossoming romance, when spring is budding everyplace.

For in my inexperienced youth, I had seldom given any undertaking my all,
For we must live our lives to the fullest, to make sweet memories to recall.

I wasted precious time, just getting by, with my major focus on having fun,
Like the fun, daisy days of youthful summer, when nature frolics in the sun.

But, I finally came to my jaded senses, realizing that I had a sweet dream.
And it came true, I became a dollmaker, like the truth that nature is queen!

Dollmaking was very pleasurable to me, since I loved making people smile,
As northerners smile when they see, the migratory birds' new spring styles.

I found my craft to be fascinating, creations so lifelike, resembling humans,
And crafted for adults, as well as children, bringing smiles of many lumens!

Some went to collectors, and some were for birthdays, or other life events,
Like a starry-eyed moon, gone this rosy morn, and hasn't gazed back since.

I lived in a house of the silver moonlight, with scarlet rosebushes out front,
Which made the days more pleasant, and creamy, dreamy nights, fragrant.

Good friends often commissioned dolls from me, for their favorite little girls,
As elegant as early, sunset evenings, of memorable skies, with vivid swirls.

The brook was giggling at summer, and a wandering wind was in the trees,
And like the capricious, sparkling sea, it was offering no formal guarantees.

Pretty birds seemed to be singing, all over the world, to a captive audience,
Overseen by the peach, marshmallow clouds, trailing like billowy guardians.

One starry night, I was awakened suddenly, by a sound I thought I'd heard,
So, without bothering to turn on my light, I went to see what had occurred.

Soon, from the obscure corner of one eye, I thought I saw a figure dart by,
Near the stair, moonlight in her hair, but when I called, there was no reply!

It had looked like my doll, Margot, for her rich, violet dress gave her away,
But when I checked, she was where I left her last, like sunsets of yesterday.

It happened again several times more, I caught glimpses of my creations,
Adeline, Louis, Percy, Fleur and Belle, yet found them in the right locations!

Later, as I reflected upon these events, I realized how much I had changed,
That I now put my all into my work, to a point that my imagination ranged.

And it had been fervid imagination, that, and a trick of the pearl moonlight,
But, I'll never forget the sweet fantasy, of my dolls coming alive one night!
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