Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Kidnapped by Aliens

They had kept me imprisoned there for three full days,
In that sparse, solitary room, of scarce sunshine rays.

Having good food to eat, had never been a problem;
They brought hot meals, but the problem was boredom!

At least, they had the good grace to let me peruse,
A few of my books, they took for their own selfish use.

No television, no music, and no exercise outdoors;
No swimming in sunshine, on the sounding seashores!

I'd been coming from the library, on a calm afternoon;
And rambling through the scented, fresh month of June.

I saw an extraordinary light come down, in a big meadow,
As if the honeyed sun had fallen to the grass below.

The light dimmed, as the craft came to sudden rest,
And that's the moment my nerves were put to the test!

Stairs descended, and out emerged little green men,
With the most gorgeous pink eyes, black irises in them.

They were fashionably bald, with dainty little hands,
I'll be bound, they seemed to come out of fairyland!

That's when they zapped me, and I fell unconscious-
A deed that I wouldn't exactly designate as righteous!

I came to, on their spaceship, far beyond the Milky Way,
Whatever had happened to that marvelous, sunny day?

We could communicate, by way of their strange telepathy,
They told me they wanted to learn earth culture from me.

I told them they could've just learned that from books,
But, they just turned to me, with their placid looks!

Like when the sun strangely shines, through a rainfall,
Uncomprehending of its being in the wrong place at all!

Our star voyage was uneventful, and didn't last very long,
For they utilized wormholes, all the starry way along.

Then we landed on Xerba, the other side of the universe,
With its glittering skies, and the strangest of flowers!

Their petals resembled colored ribbons, on summer's breeze,
And they danced near the black bark, of pink leaved trees!

Three red suns made a perpetual sunset, I later learned,
No daytime or seasons, because they thusly, always burned.

But, I didn't get to admire the scenery for a long time;
Because I was quickly escorted to that dull cell of mine.

Where I devised a quite simple escape, I'd quickly planned-
To at mealtime, snatch the ray gun, from the guard's hand!

So, I did just that, and the stunned guard hadn't a hunch,
And was humiliated, that he hadn't even thrown one punch.

I told that guard to get me out of the building quickly,
Or I would shoot, and at least I'd have a smaller victory!

Once outside, concealing myself behind bushes, rapidly I ran,
As hungry rabbits, to summertime vegetable gardens, can.

Thankfully, the sunset shadows aided me, as I long fled,
But then, a voice behind me said, to stop or I was dead.

Thinking fast, I faked a stumble and fell to the ground,
And when he approached, off guard, I brought my gun around!

I told that ole Xerban, to hear well what I had to say,
And take me to a spaceship, or he'd see no other sunset day!

He shook like the beribboned, hued, flowers in the wind,
And turning, he led me toward my captivity's bright end!

For all Xerbans can fly spaceships-they had confided thus;
Overconfidence can often bring about calamity outrageous!

I told that Xerban to stop, and be quite still for awhile,
As I adored the glorious, evening sky so very worthwhile!

"You know, the starry sky is so lovely," I said, grinning,
"And the casting of a red glow over all, is quite winning!

And the four moons' glowing, makes for evenings we'll remember,
As they play with countless stars, under the red solar embers!"

We resumed walking, concealed by tall, yellow leaved bushes,
And when the alien's feet lagged, I gave him determined pushes.

When, we finally reached our destination, the alien said to me,
"We're allergic to daylight, so we can never return, you see!

The crew members, who were briefly exposed, became quite ill,
And we fear that prolonged exposure, would not be a thrill!"

With that said, I told him he could proceed to take me home,
No need to disembark, just drop me off, and leave earth alone!

Like the rainbow leaves the sky, after making its statement,
And the sunshine greets the earth after the storm is spent

On the way home, we sensed unimaginable color, sight and sound,
As stars streamed endlessly past the windows, all around!

When we had nearly reached home, oh what a great surprise,
That we were at the precise proximity, for a Milky Way rise!

The alien argued, for he wanted to enter a wormhole just then;
"Shut up!" I screamed, " or you will never go back again!"

He meekly dropped his head, and did exactly as he'd been told,
And I relaxed joyously, in my seat, to watch the drama unfold!

Trillions of stars slowly rose, above the spaceship's horizon,
Twinkling myriad colors, like as many sparkling diamonds!

"Look how the nearer stars are yellow, blue and gold, I said,
And yes! I can also perceive that some nearer are quite red!"

Then the alien enthused, "Such a milky rise, on midnight skies!"
And we sat there awhile, whispering wonder and rapt sighs.

When we reached earth again, the alien and I had become friends,
We'd never meet again, but in our hearts, it would never end.

Nobody believed my story of the aliens-it made me shed a tear,
I dropped the ray gun, in my eager dash, for the sunshine dear.

My friends even had the temerity to tell me to go fly a kite,
And I may even do that one day, when the wind is just right!

But, I'll never forget those green men, with their pink eyes,
As if they'd gotten them from watching the red, sunset skies!
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