Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Jack, Dare to Believe

Jack Allen was a serious, shy schoolboy, who worked hard at school lessons;
Like mottled skies working hard each day, to convey many color obsessions.

Jack was a little small for his age, and had begun to feel somewhat bullied;
For ofttimes, he took no part in rough sports. Still, he'd race at great speed!

He loved most the adventure in books, and Sis loved reading, just as much;
And sympathized with Jack's social bind, like rainbows, which keep in touch!

The funtastic friends next door visited, amidst fierce, fatal, fall fruit flavors-
A flashback on fine, green grandeur, 'ere awaiting a return of red sun favors.

Father and Mother were fine role models, like fiery mountain to flowery hill.
Other family came by frequently, like fresh February, spring promise thrills!

They lived in the house of visions, when moon and sun, at times, dyed walls;
With no two dream days ever the same, and wren songs floating in the halls.

Carriages rolled peach sunrise to strawberry sundown, on their street, sunny;
Next to saffron poppy fields that siblings gamboled. And summer sang sultry!

Other neighbors nestled under their nut trees, talking of news and novelties;
In their backyard of nectarine noon, of frilly flowers, and golden bumblebees.

Cat's eye blooms viewed milky clouds, loving the creamy stars at sable night;
As flamingo blooms danced with breeze, and tiger in a flower, leapt into sight!

Hot summer sun made prairie smoke bloom, as blue sapphire plants sparkled;
And 'mother of millions' was giving birth, when travelers palm trees goggled.

One afternoon, school bullies gave Jack a dare, at which he failed miserably.
He'd grown rusty, as his attention lay elsewhere; like fall flowers, dying lovely.

How the naughty schoolboys laughed, before they gave Jack one more dare;
And Sis whispered words in his ear, lost to anyone else found standing there.

'Jack, be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack, jump over the candlestick!' goaded Sis;
And resolute Jack, leapt higher than anyone before this-sadness turnt to bliss!

Stunned breathless, every child cheered, like the lauded, first gold leap year;
And Jack became a legend for jumping, as he had no more trepidation or fear!

With older Sis ever present to encourage him, Jack accomplished every dare;
And like green birds of turquoise sky, popular Jack was admired everywhere!

At 'Jack, be nimble, Jack be spry, Jack, jump over the apple pie,' Jack leapt;
Up towards blue sky he swept-past green spots, where scarlet nestlings slept!

At 'Jack, be nimble, Jack, jump high, Jack, fly up into the sky,' Jack really did.
At least the legend states, Jack did; like musky, rose night, where truth is hid!
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