Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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It Appears I've Disappeared

A lot of acquaintances deemed me lucky, and I knew I was,
For I had a successful life, when all could have been chaos.

I had a wonderful job that I loved, making plenty of money,
And a loving family and friends, and my future seemed sunny!

I then worked at an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense,
Researching the new military weapons, which was very intense.

We were at the time working on a strong, invisible shield,
For our soldiers to use in foxholes, upon the battlefield.

Like the early fog cloaks the views, of everything nature,
Causing mysterious obstruction, for each probable spectator!

I often found myself at the facility after hours, all alone,
Trying to figure out a certain problem, before I went home.

The project was very interesting, and it quite captivated me,
Like the moon captivates a wolf when he's howling lustily.

I was very close to a breakthrough. I could actually feel it,
And I couldn't bear to break my concentration, even a bit.

The shield had already been completed, except for one part,
Which was an invisibility solution-already off to a good start.

I worked for two hours, until the solution was finished,
And trying it out, was a temptation that I could not resist.

So, into the large vat, I dipped the very end of a pencil,
And as it partially disappeared, I knew I'd been successful!

Then I dropped the pencil, and saw bits of floor disappear,
Oh, no! I was unused to making such mistakes in my career!

But as I bent to recover the pencil, my high heel slipped,
And trying to break my fall, the edge of the table I gripped.

The table was far too small, and the vat was much too tall,
And as unconsciousness descended, I actually saw the vat fall!

When I regained consciousness, there was a lump on my head,
While I also knew vague and disquieting feelings of dread.

The empty vat lay on the floor, which had partially vanished,
Like the sun disappears, after the blooms have been kissed.

I could actually see into the room on the level below mine,
And I also noticed that of my two feet, there wasn't a sign!

Shocked and alarmed, I found a room with a full length mirror,
And saw my entire body was gone. Nothing had ever been dearer.

I couldn't afford to panic. I knew that I must stay serene,
So, I went back and cleaned up the mess, at the accident scene.

I felt better after I'd done it, knowing it couldn't get worse,
All I had left to do, was put my strange dilemma in reverse.

But for now I was tired and hungry, and just had to go home,
Like a queen returning to reside, upon her invisible throne.

On the way out of the building, I accidentally bumped someone,
And after looking around wildly, she yelped and was soon gone.

I realized I had to walk home, and luckily the distance wasn't far,
For I didn't want to cause consternation, with a driverless car!

Once home, I had a fine dinner, watched a movie and went to bed,
And then I slept very peacefully, until the moonlit darkness fled.

The next morning I went to work, long before I was due to arrive.
I could finish work on an antidote, before my mishap was realized.

My work went well and rapidly, and I restored the invisible floor,
Then I restored visibility to myself, and I was happy once more!

As for the invisibility solution, I carefully made another batch,
Like the rains replenish the earth, in a way no other can match.

When my coworkers began to arrive, it was just another busy day,
And none had the slightest inkling, of my transformative Thursday!

As a fern knows naught of a universe, overflowing with pale stars,
For awareness is barred by a green canopy, as is the moon and Mars.

Another few weeks went by quickly, and our project was complete,
But I was filled with discontent, and job success was bittersweet!

Years ago I'd had a passion for painting. I was lauded for my talent,
But I'd put those dreams aside, to make money that I hadn't spent.

I finally came to a decision, to return to my true heart's desire,
And buy a cottage in the country, then create paintings to inspire.

Much to everyone's surprise, that's exactly what I did soon after,
And my lovely cottage, is at times, filled with fondest laughter.

My art became a sensation, so I guess I would've made money anyway,
If I had only believed in myself, as tomorrow believes in yesterday!

I am so much happier now, because I am living the life that I love,
And that is the only way of being happy, that I'm absolutely sure of.

I don't regret the accident, that made me look at life more closely,
Because it was in my very disappearance, that I found the real me!
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