Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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In the Islands Far, Far Away

Mission Control, this is Flight Z924693744, do you read?
We're having some technical trouble. How should we proceed?

We have spotted a planet, that appears to be suitable to abort;
But, to return to earth, we will need an alternate transport.

The Capsule Communicator didn't answer at all, unfortunately;
So, the fate of this mission, was then in my own hands, surely.

The twilit world we were approaching, didn't seem at all bad;
And its beauty, and its breathable air, also made me quite glad!

So, we touched down on the foreign land, in the alien twilight,
With charming views of four moons, of red, green, and white.

The stars seemed to touch the horizon, far across the sea;
Plentiful, and twinkling lively, in early evening's beauty!

Like crystal that sparkles, whenever it chances on the light,
Or the aurora borealis, which brightens our northern nights!

In the warmth of evening, large, red barked, trees abounded;
And from the yellow foliage, strange little creatures, sounded.

Barely larger than squirrels, with big eyes, and bright hues,
They scampered among the trees in reds, greens, and blues.

There was sand all about, for we were on an island, of sorts;
And we tramped around, exploring, because twilight time is short.

Across the emerald waters, we saw other islands, from our shore;
As the moons cast their varicolored shadows, in serene downpour!

We had supper on the spaceship, and we slept there, as well,
For whatever hidden dangers lurked, we could scarcely tell.

After a night's sleep, and a repast, we set out the next day;
And circled the beautiful, exotic island, around all the way.

We saw many other small islands, somewhat like the Maldives,
As we stood listening to the wind, making music in the trees!

We stood awash in the rays, of two suns, of yellow and of crimson;
Making, a sunset to the east, and to the westward, golden horizon!

Like an orchestra rehearsing, when everything's gone out of tune,
Or golden leaves, falling from trees, within the month of June!

Easterly skies were yellow hued, and to the west, they were red,
Our fronts were gold, our backs were red, and a blend was overhead.

The tree creatures were shy, and harmless, as we soon discovered,
And they watched us covertly, from the trees where they hovered.

The island was white sand, and the waters were pure, crystal clear,
Although cares were many, for the moment, we had nothing to fear!

After languishing there three days, I was out one evening, walking,
When a never before seen insect flew near, and bit me-quite shocking!

My vision suddenly narrowed, to a tiny pinpoint, as I fell forward,
Facedown in the cool waters, and unconscious of any great hazard.

Upon reviving, there was a blue face leaning over me, with concern,
His almond shaped, brown eyes, showing compassion, at my fate's turn.

He was quite hairless, and a few inches taller than me, he stood,
With a shock of purple lips. It amazed me that his English was good!

By means of telepathy, he conversed with me, as I lay upon a bed.
The insect had been poisonous. If he hadn't found me, I'd be dead.

His name was Zakkar, and he introduced me, to his family and friends;
All were happy, guileless beings, and as relaxed as southern winds.

I was now on Zakkar's island, where he had taken me, in his canoe.
He had been out gathering fruit, when he had witnessed my Waterloo!

As I lay recovering, they went back, and informed my worried comrades,
And made plans to take us out next day, to tour the islands, at last.

This tour, we all enjoyed the next day, and it was scenic and so lovely;
The whole world was countless islands, spread out over an endless sea!

Like the rainbow that goes on forever, from the eastern sky to the west.
Or the breeze that travels endlessly, in the permanence of its unrest!

We met many other clans, all friendly, and with a great deal of knowledge,
They told us many things, including what to eat, drink, and how to manage.

Though mentally and technically advanced, they preferred a simple life;
A peaceful, joyful existence, with some space travel, to give it spice!

That night, the the skies lit up, in aurora borealis like manifestation,
And the moons did their utmost to add, to the flashing light sensation!

We feasted and danced, and their charming moves resembled our ballet,
As graceful, lively, and as beautiful, as swans at the close of the day.

We remained with our dear friends in this paradise, for three whole months.
Then one day, a spaceship landed on the island-from earth, we saw at once!

They'd gotten our initial transmission, and our own radio had been damaged;
And from that point, to track our location, Mission Control had managed.

Goodbyes to friends, whom you've come to love, is always so bittersweet,
Like when the beautiful sun goes down at last, in its agony of defeat!

Zakkar's last words to us were these: "Please come back to visit one day,
And may it be sooner, not later, when you come away to the starry fairway."

"Come and stay a day, a month or forever, and we will know happiness anew.
My dear friends of Milky Way, Solar System, Planet Earth, we welcome you!"
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