Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I Felt So Out of Place

The sunshine and singing birds, awoke me that fine day;
And warmth caressed my face, as the wrens began to play.

I stretched luxuriantly in my bed, while smiling broadly,
At the gaiety of beautiful summer, in all its fair glory!

Since I had no desire, to waste the splendid day in bed,
I arose with plans for an outing, now forming in my head.

It was finally the weekend, so I invited my friend along,
But she couldn't go, for she had to work all the day long.

So my plans for lunch and the beach, would be solo ones,
As the solo fireworks of supernovae, can occur only once!

Happily I got ready, and I finally went out of the door,
And gazed in awe at buttercup, and white peony trees galore!

And also impatien trees, along with purple morning glory.
I was shocked that my familiar world, now told a new story!

Speechless with the wonder, I could only wander about raptly,
In this new alternate reality, that had suddenly entrapped me.

Exotically strange birds, flew about the blue sunshine skies,
And to find their sound resembled flutes, I was very surprised.

I chose to go on with my plans, just to see what lay ahead,
For now I was so curious, to know where the quaint road led.

So down the strange familiar path, I walked as I gawked;
And with many more amazing surprises, the day was chocked!

Such as thick walnut bushes, beneath tall blueberry trees,
As normal, happy, friendly people, moved about at their ease.

I saw and greeted my neighbors, and they also spoke to me,
Not perceiving that this natural world, shouldn't ever be!

Insects chirped loudly, and filled the sunny day with song,
In their raucous chorus, more than a million voices strong!

At the restaurant nearby, the food was exceptionally good,
Except I found that nothing tasted, quite the way it should!

Though tasty, the blueberry muffins, were distinctly nutty;
And the black walnut ice cream, was most decidedly fruity.

On the way to the beach, I saw some pretty craborange trees,
And I had to sample them, for I'd never seen the likes of these.

They were delectably sweet, so I ate the skins too, I recall,
As the night gobbles up the sunset, pretty colors and all!

Though all except the natural world, was as I recollected,
Somehow I felt very out of place, and strangely disconnected!

I enjoyed my frolic at the beach, and the swimming was grand,
And blooming cacti grew here and there, dotting the hot sand.

At sunset, I was returning home, when I saw a curious sight.
In the woods off in the distance, I saw pulsing, colored light.

Being a rather curious soul, I set off at once to investigate,
For the mystery might never be solved, at some later date.

So, I followed the light, and hid myself in the dense bushes,
And I cautiously peered out, when I heard several voices.

In the clearing was a spaceship, with colored flashing lights;
And purple aliens with pointy ears, and eyes limpid as night!

As I watched in wonder, they changed the woodland scenery,
Thusly, what it had been before, became rapidly fading memory.

And one of the aliens suddenly spoke, and called me by my name,
Though my heart survived this test, I would never be the same!

When I emerged into the clearing, they told me their story,
They said they were galactic pranksters, seeking comic glory.

And they traveled the Milky Way galaxy, from place to fun place,
Altering every vista, and leaving of their presence, no trace!

They said that to their deep hypnosis, I appeared to be immune,
As blooms are to the summer heat, along the pathways of June.

Then they broke out in laughter, and the woods rang with sound,
As when countless birds are singing, and the forest resounds!

They boarded the futuristic craft, and went up, up and away,
Leaving me quite alone, in my delight, bemusement and dismay.

I must say I like the changes, for they are not without charm,
I even bought a tiny plot of land, for a most captivating farm!

I guess there's no point in telling, the others about these Wackies,
As there were no other witnesses, they would just think I was crazy.

But the delightfully zany Wackies, is how I will remember them,
For they changed the whole natural world, upon a sudden whim!
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