Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I Failed I Fear

It is all my fault, for I am in command,
We sped into space with aspirations grand.

As we neared lightspeed, we saw pulsars,
And twinkling stars, deep space memoirs.

The cosmic sights were dazzlingly unreal-
Red giants and colorful nebulae surreal!

Stars as blue as the fountain of youth,
And worlds where aliens seek a new truth.

But something went wrong! We felt a bump;
Strange and jarring, time seemed to slump!

Where did the spectacular scenery all go?
Possibly we entered a wormhole, you know.

Perhaps we'd somehow surpassed lightspeed,
Like a runaway train in sunshine honeyed.

We were so eager in our adventurous quest,
Like the premiere song of robin redbreast!

I feel so guilty. I don't know what to do!
But, let me finish telling my plight to you.

We headed home. That's all we could've done.
Ended were my commanding days in the sun.

We finally reached home, dispirited and sad,
When the ship landed, I confess I was glad!

But when we emerged, the scenery was strange,
No houses, just greenery and mountain range!

And then we heard the most fearsome bellow,
Like thundering skies causes trembling below!

As above the trees came a direful green head,
With evil looking fangs and big eyes of red!

The craft was functional and that was good,
For the memory had faded where ages once stood.

We're trying to return, via the route we came,
If we can't, I hope someone remembers my name.
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