Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Housebound Days

People once said I was a homebody, and I guess that was me,
Often curled up with a good book, I loved watching movies.

Like blooms of sunlit meadows, are joyful where they stand,
Stained in the world of passing colors, as if upon command!

Often friends came calling, offering me dinner or a show,
As vivid sunsets overflow excitement, when saying lets go!

Occasionally I acquiesced, but nowhere near often enough,
Like the rosy dawn days, when dreams are turned to fluff.

I genuinely enjoyed my life, and I thought I was content,
Basking in peace daily, in the parlors where life is spent.

Painting was a big passion, and I loved capturing the sunset,
Or a red breasted noon robin, so the heart would not forget!

I loved flinging paint onto a canvas-the colors of my life;
And in the wildness of my garden, hued subjects were rife.

Though I couldn't sing very well, I really adored to listen,
As one who never reached the stars, yet watches them glisten!

So music was another pastime, that gave me hours of pleasure,
As grandfather clock ticks away, the moments at its leisure.

One day as I was painting, there came a knock at the door,
Like a woodpecker come calling, and I couldn't work anymore.

My coworkers had concert tickets, and asked me to join them.
I really did want to, but it would throw my work in mayhem!

They admired my portrayal, of apples and grapes in a basket,
I told them I must finish it, and they said it was fantastic!

When they left I completed the work, to my huge satisfaction,
Hoping that when others saw it, I'd get a positive reaction.

Then grabbing a cold drink, I decided to relax in the garden,
But my door suddenly jammed, like a prison cell with a warden.

I tried all of the doors and windows, but I could not get out,
I even tried breaking windows, but objects only bounced about.

Exhausted and emotionally spent, I soon ate and went to bed,
And in dreams I was tormented, by so many things I left unsaid.

The places I had never visited, and the friends I had not made,
Like a most fragrant bloom, living its whole life in the shade!

The peachy sunrise found me, in an exceedingly likely place,
But this time not by my choice, as with winter's cold embrace.

Having failed repeatedly to exit, I took solace in old habit,
As when modern life gets too hectic, we fall back on classics!

I delved in usual indoor pursuits, but it just was not the same,
For now I was missing a vital thing, that before hadn't a name.

Intensely craving companionship, I regretted my prior actions,
As the rogue birds of summer, fly south from different factions!

Then suddenly there came a knock, and eagerly I tried the door,
And to my vast relief it opened, to freedom sweeter than before.

Life needs the correct balance, of solitary and social pursuits,
Yielding friendship with self and others, as its exotic fruits!
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