Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Gravity of the Situation

I was an experienced astronomer, with bright eyes ever turned to the stars,
As the mysterious, intelligent aliens, might in their turn, be looking to ours.

Space had always held fascination for me, with wonders of worlds unknown,
Like the wonder of the tiniest of seedlings, turned to a red bloom full-blown.

So, my work wasn't just a job for me, but was rather something much more,
Like the glad sunshine of greeting, an accustomed visitor to your front door.

My tiny house was on a grassy hill, on the southern edge of the friendly city,
Like when sangria sun's at the edge of dusk, and you see sights very pretty!

I had close family living nearby, and I was mighty glad for cheery company,
Like someone with a special wish, can find themselves glad to have money.

While my work was very interesting, it involved many perplexing mysteries,
Like the hued rainbows appearing suddenly, without any apparent histories.

One mystery was quixotic gravity, oft observed, and yet so little understood,
Although I tried so very hard to comprehend it, but might only wish I could!

It was a happy life that I was living, at the prime of summer's saffron rays,
Like when we look back, misty-eyed, to sweetest joys of the good old days.

Birds sang hide and seek from secret bowers, green mansions in the trees,
Like the kind of beautiful mystery, that comes to us on the fragrant breeze.

I could not stop myself from pondering, on peculiar gravity's sacred secrets,
Like the vast green mystery marshes, that are often home to stylish egrets.

So, in my spare time I studied all I could, upon that one fascinating subject,
But it seemed the more I studied the less I knew, for the mind is imperfect.

Like the pallid moon ponders dark night, endlessly with only limited success,
Until a glorious dawn of innumerable colors, has left her nowhere to obsess!

Yet my awareness of gravity had only increased, beholding its tiny wonders,
From fresh raindrops to tuneful waterfalls, in wild places of deep slumbers.

I noticed happy children jumping, their feet always returning to the familiar,
For there's a certain security in the changeless, without anything to bewilder.

I visualized vibrant fall leaves wafting, ending lovely journeys on the ground,
And delicate snowflakes falling quietly, lying 'til gold sunshine comes around.

And of sweetest thrills of skydiving, robins and people would be ever bereft,
If the laws of physics suddenly reversed, and we discovered gravity had left!

I recalled the full moon softly silent, bringing magic to black, obsidian night,
Thankful that it stays reliably in place, washing us in mystic pearls of white.

Someday we will have all the answers, but apparently, not in my early time,
Yet, the stars are firmly fixed in their orbits, as a golden sun forever shines.

When I considered how things randomly dropped, are not lost ever to space,
It did not matter so much the how, only that the universe is full of His grace!
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