Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Fresh Perspectives

I was a learned college professor, who was forever eager to know more,
As blue-gray waves, finding sandy beaches, turn to seek another shore.

I drove to work smiling, in those tangerine days, so glad for avid youths,
Like when dusky stars waltz out dreamy, winking to show hidden truths.

My long days were full, like the pink marguerites, crowding sunny fields,
Or the misty rainbow's vanishing, after a full sky vision's been revealed!

I was suited to my worthy profession, because I had an analytical mind,
As the placid moon ponders earth nightly, never certain what she'll find.

I lived in a yellow house of the stars, with the rosy dawn ever on its way,
As mysterious shadows are often pursuing, though there's nothing to say.

Dazzling stars flashed through my window by night, infusing my dreams;
For they will find you, wherever you are, after a glorious sunset screams!

Family laughter filled the echoing halls, like jubilant yodels in lush valley,
Like scarlet birds, always willing to sing and tango, in any emerald alley.

Summer bloomed down the mountainside, and orange sun rose up early,
Plum hued birds were on the bush, when the placid breezes turned whirly.

Sunlit clouds were drifting on tiffany blue skies, moving in fluffy formation,
As if, by seeing this azure world, they might acquire pleasing information.

One day I was walking down the flowery hill, which I'd climbed that morn,
When I noted that the view was now different, like skies at dawn, reborn.

The abundant sky seemed so much nearer, as did fluttering treetops, too,
Though restless people at the bottom, and the top, shared the same view!

And that set my analytical mind to musing, as to which fine view was true,
And wondering if all we see is relative, like frozen fields spring once knew.

The truth of what we see is altered, depending whether we are near or far,
Or whether very small or large, or we are orbiting a distant, lustrous star.

Or whether it is dark or light, we're standing still, or if we're in rapid flight;
Or what sort of vision we possess, or if we can see in pure, ultraviolet light!

The exact truth is always changing, like a kaleidoscope of impelling colors;
Once you believe you perceive only one, you detect there are many others.

Like the purple sunset looks so different, when adorned by reddish clouds,
Than when cool summer night's more advanced, falling in velvet shrouds.

And that is the nature of reality, which is different for each unique person,
For what they think they see, from where they stand, is all that is certain!
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